Urgent Action Needed



Ladies and Gentlemen,

The following Bills must be acted upon immediately in order to protect our current vested health care coverage.  You MUST do your part to insure passage of A05108 and S05184.

Pass this message on to all FDNY/NYPD retirees in your email list!

Assembly Bill A05108 and Senate (Same As) Bill S05184

Prohibits the diminution of health insurance benefits of public employee retirees and their dependents or reducing the employer’s contributions for such insurance; defines employers to include the state, municipalities, school districts, and public authorities and commissions.
An act in relation to affecting the health insurance benefits and
contributions of certain retired public employees  

This bill would ensure that the health insurance coverage for certain
retired firefighters, police officers, and their dependents are main-
Section one provides that the level of health insurance benefits, and
the employer contributions made toward such health insurance, for
certain retired firefighters, police officers, and their dependents
shall not be diminished below the benefits and contributions in place as
of May 1, 2008.
Section two provides that a collective bargaining agreement may grant a
higher level of protection.